The SignChef® Recipe for Effective Signs

The SignChef® Recipe for Effective Signs

What is a Recipe?

A recipe is a list of ingredients and a way to combine those ingredients to produce the desired product. A recipe for food should produce a delicious result.

A recipe for a sign should produce an effective sign, one that produces results the sign owner wants. If the sign is informational such as a label, it will contain all the information needed to completely inform a reader. It the sign is directional, it will get the viewer to their destination. These types of signs have simple objectives and are easier to design.

What about a marketing sign, one designed to get more business and more sales? The end result for this kind of sign is more difficult to achieve. It requires more ingredients to produce. The ingredients must be combined properly to get a desirable outcome – more prospects on the phone or coming through the front door.

What is the Recipe for an Effective (prospect attracting) Sign?

There are 4 main ingredients in an effective sign. There are dozens of things a signmaker must know to take these 4 main ingredients and combine them properly to create a long-lasting, prospect attracting, client generating sign. The 4 main ingredients are what the sign buyer must know before purchasing a sign. These are:

  • NOTICEABLE. If a sign is not noticed, it will not be read.
  • READABLE. If a sign is not readable, it will not communicate.
  • ATTRACTIVE. A sign should not only attract attention, it should be professional looking. People do business with those they trust, and a positive first impression builds trust.
  • VALUE/BENEFIT for the VIEWER. If the sign does not communicate a value/benefit the viewer needs or wants, it will not motivate to action. This is the heart and soul marketing principle embodied in an effective sign. Good marketing gets results; great marketing gets results NOW!

If any of these 4 ingredients are missing or deficient, the sign owner’s business will suffer from marketing malnutrition – the phone won’t ring and the front door won’t be opened by fresh prospects.